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Black d'Aquitaine

H 97 - 'Prospect Hill High Roller'


High Roller moved in early 2014 to the 'Old Kentucky' Black d'Aquitaine breeding program; but was later Sold at their Dispersal Sale to Chansit Blondes in NSW. High Roller has left behind some semen and 2 very attractive black daughters. He has been used at Rupari by AI in 2014 & 2015.

Black d'Aquitaine BULLS for sale in 2014/15.

J3 - Jett Black was listed on the 'Bulls for sale' page in 2014.


Jett was SOLD in November '14 so his pic and description are recorded here for your interest. Jett is a unique Black d'Aquitaine. Unique because he is Homozygous Black (2 black genes) and Polled. He is sired by RUNL Stetson out of pure bred Black Blonde cow - 'Fudge'. Jett has sired a bull calf at Rupari. Please see a very thick, well muscled 'black' bull that will stand any scrutiny!

K35 - Rupari Kane d'Poll was listed on the 'Bulls for Sale' page in 2015.


"Kane" is the 2015/16 Black d'Aquitaine sale bull. He is not only BLACK, but also "Homozygous Polled". He was SOLD at 13 months of age (Aug '15) into a commercial Angus herd. Interest in Black d'Aquitaine bulls continues to grow. This pic of Kane at 12 months is posted for your interest, and as a running record of Black bulls sold..

Black d'Aquitaine BULLS 2016.

L9 – Licorice (B) (P)


Licorice – “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Black, poll, heaps of muscle! Licorice is listed on the ‘Bulls for Sale’ page. Hope the pic is of interest!

L19 – Lucas (HB) (P)


Lucas is a very long bodied bull from a ‘milky’ black d’Aquitaine cow. Excellent growth and large testes. Would consider retaining some heifer progeny. Homo black, and polled. Lucas is listed on the ‘Bulls for Sale’ page.

Coming up in Late 2017

One very classy black and poll bull – Rupari Magnum 300 (B) (P). Very nice calf now; hopefully expectations will be met in 12 months time.