Rupari Blondes
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Red d'Aquitaine

Well! Why Not? There are Red Limousin, Red Simmental, Reddish Charolais; and of course there are Red Angus, Red Poll, (Red) South Devon, (Red) Gelbvieh; and they all seem to have a place in our great beef industry, along with Blacks, Greys, Whites and Spotted, despite them all looking the same color when hanging up as carcases. But if you just like the look of Red Cattle in the paddock, that's fine with us, because we do too !

Kelly Ann

Gloria Rose

Rupari Gloria Rose (Strathbally Yukon x Rupari Dora) has bred some fine “reddish” calves. She is seen here with Logan. Gloria Rose is homozygous poll, great muscle, excellent feet, and very quiet disposition. We would love a few more just like her.

Louie d’Poll

Louie is an excellent example of a “red factor” purebred Blonde sire. Impeccable conformation and homozygous poll. Louie is ideal for infusing extra muscle, finer bone, and real ‘eye appeal’ into any Red herd; not to mention guaranteed polls. Think you’d be taking a risk? Not a chance! Louie is listed on the ‘Bulls for Sale’ page.